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Operating Weight

2700 kg

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33 HP

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The XCMG XD120 vibratory road roller is a new generation of technology and maximised performance. XCMG makes full use of its international R&D platform to integrate global technology and produce completely independent roller designs.

As a result, the XD120 roller is uniquely efficient, durable, versatile, safe and consistent – as well as being simple to operate, maintain and service. With worldwide renown for its performance and value for money, the XD120 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a 2-3 tonne roller solution for any application or industry.

Equipped with a reliable and powerful Kubota 33 horsepower engine, heavy duty large diameter drum, proportional ASC closed loop hydraulic drive and 2 vibration frequencies, the XD120 offer significant reliability, efficiency, comfort and control.


  • Static hydraulic driving and vibration
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Folding ROPS
  • Mechanical shock absorbing seat
  • Seat belt and alarm switch
  • The multi-function driving handle
  • Combination instrument display, including the display speed, hour meter, fuel gauge, etc
  • LED lighting lamps and lanterns
  • Turning signal
  • Clearance lamp
  • Frequency selective
  • A 5-speed intermittent sprinkling water pressure
  • The 12 v power supply output
  • Automatic start up function
  • Manual and automatic control of vibration
  • Fault alarm
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Polyurethane type clay
  • Emergency brake switch
  • The toolkit
  • Steering articulated lock
  • Rotating lamp
  • Power master switch
  • Arm brace
  • Fuel oil level gauge
  • ROPS working lamp
  • Glass block
  • Water tank water level indicator
  • Steering cylinder bearing without maintenance
  • At the front and vibration can be controlled independently
  • Double joysticks


  • Trimming device – right
  • Anti-slip device
  • Open cab
  • Special paint

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